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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tree Planting Event this Thursday

This Thursday (March 26th), we will be holding a tree planting event at our friend Abed's place in Al Wallaja.

Abed is a Palestinian farmer whose land lies very close to the Israeli Settlement of Gilo. He is currently facing problems with threatened land confiscation and so has decided to live permanently on his land in a cave. The authorities are now threatening to demolish even this basic home in an attempt to evict him from his land.

The place has no running water or electricity, and Abed lives by farming his land to feed himself and generate some income.

The event on Thursday will consist of planting olive trees, and also laying the foundations of a composting toilet to serve the site.

We will meet in Soukshab in Beit Sahour at 10.00am if anyone would like to come. Alternatively, call 02 274 8994 or email info@eag-palestine.org for more information.

If you are coming, please bring some food to share for lunch and we will have a picnic.

Hope to see you there!
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